Bio-Diversity park Pedestrian Bridge 2020- Award by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)


Bio-Diversity park Pedestrian Bridge 2020

The Pedestrian Bridge is designed and proposed to traverse along the creek surrounded by vast green areas of Bio-Diversity park. The design competition is organised by the Institute of Town Planning India (ITPI), Surat Chapter and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) to design three Bridges for pedestrian and cyclist in Bio-diversity park proposed and idealised by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) along the side of the creek going through Althan, Bamroli, Bhatar and Bhimrad area in Surat city.

Our has design has been selected as the winner in the Professional category with the possibility of execution. Now this Bio-Diversity park, is strategically proposed and idealised with an objective of serving balance in our ecosystem by increasing green cover and also constraining the depletion of natural well-being. It is to harmonize the impacts and consequences of urban development. This Bio-Diversity park stretches to several road networks which connects different locations of Surat city to itself.

This ideology, with which the Bio-Diversity park is proposed, becomes the core of our design concept. Therefore, we initiate to design these pedestrian bridges not only as an urban element but as an integral part of the Bio-Diversity park with its own opportunities of exploration and abilities of contribution.





Design team:

Chirag Rangholia

Nihar Thakkar

Brijesh Maniya

Ritesh Chauhan


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